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Coaching Players  - A New  Approach
    Coaching Players  - A New  Approach
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      Coaching Players - A New Approach

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    Coaching Players: A New Approach DVD             

    This DVD concentrates on 'how to coach' not 'what to coach'. It's essential for both player development and your skills as a coach, to understand the importance of creating a positive learning environment and to recognize the individual learning needs of your players so that they may develop to their full potential not only as soccer players but as young people.

    The program a a deliberate attempt to put together a way of helping coaches improve the learning experiences of all players. Whether those players are members of 'elite' teams or play recreational soccer, this program is all about helping coaches to be better at 'developing the player'. The idea that the coach is the person that sits on all the solutions and the players have to come to the coach to get the answers is not helpful. Coaches who understand that they need to continually learn and that they need to know more about the learning process in order to help players develop is the place to start. The FA has devised a 4 corner learning model to improve the quality of coaching sessions by learning how to connect, activate, demonstrate and consolidate.

    Coaching Players- A New Approach is specifically designed for coaches to understand and implement the 4 Corner model which is the basis of the Developing The Player DVD. Coaches who have the responsibility for teaching and training other coaches will find this program to be very helpful in designing and improving teaching models that emphasize 'how to coach' as well as 'what to coach'.