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Are you looking to lift your game in soccer? Soccer DVDs are a great way to learn new moves, techniques and tactics, and get inspired. Watch your favorite parts again and again to practice and refine your play. Friends and family will be amazed as they watch you improve out of sight!

The single soccer training DVD editions are very affordable at $9.99, with multi-volume coaching packs at $19.99. These soccer DVDs make fantastic presents for players and coaches, or for starting a borrowing library in schools and sporting institutions.

Get Inspired by Soccer Legends

Observing the greatest players and goals in soccer history helps to motivate players by demonstrating what you can achieve with practice and dedication. For some incredible goal shots, take a look at The Biggest Goals Ever and A Decade of Great Goals.

Learn Moves and Tactics

In the soccer training DVD range, learn more about basic skills, strategic moves for play, kicks, goalkeeping, and refereeing with step-by-step teaching and demonstrations. For a methodical approach to skills development, we recommend All the Right Skills and All the Right Moves. For training in Spanish, check out Futbol Moderno.

Improve Your Coaching Skills

At Fold-A-Goal, we believe that behind every great soccer player is a great coach. Become the best coach you can be with coaching soccer DVDs—covering everything from How to Coach Very Young Players to Systems of Play and Coaching Futsal.

Shop the Fold-A-Goal Soccer Training DVD Collection and Start Learning!

With our extensive collection of soccer DVDs, players, coaches, and teams can find everything they need to take their game to the next level.

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