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First Aid

Train for the best case scenario and be prepared just in case anything goes wrong when you choose a soccer first aid kit from Fold-A-Goal. Our first aid kits are made for sports teams and help you to be prepared for minor accidents and emergency situations alike and give you the peace of mind to address any unexpected situation that arises at your soccer practices or games.

Be Prepared on the Field

Give yourself and your team the peace of mind you deserve when you choose a soccer first aid kit that contains all of the essential items to provide medical assistance to your players if they experience any sports injuries on the field. Our first aid kits are made for sports teams and easy for coaches to bring to and from the field so you are always prepared.

Fold-A-Goal's soccer first aid kits are well-priced and compact, making them the ideal choice to carry in your equipment bag in case of emergency.

Stock Up on First Aid Essentials

In addition to offering small starter first aid kits that will adequately address a number of injuries and accidents on the field, Fold-A-Goal stocks individual products that are important to keep in your first aid kit for sports teams. From basic trainers tape to cold spray, cold compresses and ankle support, these items are perfect to keep handy during any practice or game situation.

Soccer First Aid Kits for All of Your Team's Needs

Fold-A-Goal knows that whether you're practicing youth soccer or preparing for a competitive league matchup, being prepared should be a priority. That's why we offer first aid essentials so you can keep them handy for any accident or injury.

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