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Soccer Field Layout System: Handy Soccer Layout Diagram with Dimensions

Does your school's or community's soccer field need marking to get it game-ready? Painting the soccer layout on the field is a straightforward process when you have a diagram with the dimensions of each area. To help you out, we're happy to offer this Soccer Layout PDF for a quick guide on soccer field-marking.

The Boundary Lines and Center Circle
In soccer, the field of play has four boundary lines: The longer two are the touch lines and the shorter two are the goal lines. Our Soccer Layout PDF shows one half of the field so you can copy the mirror image of all the dimensions for the other half. The halfway line is drawn down the middle of the field, making the center mark at its midpoint and drawing the center circle with a 30-ft radius around this mark.

The Corner Flagposts
While not indicated in the soccer layout diagram, each corner needs a corner flagpost at least 5 feet high and with a non-pointy top. A 1-yard-radius corner arc is marked inside each corner of the field with paint in a quarter-circle shape.

The Goal and Penalty Areas
As per the diagram, each half of the field needs to have a goal area in the specified dimensions and the goals go just behind this area in a central position. According to FIFA regulations, portable goals need to be anchored down-fortunately, most of our portable goals come with goal anchors or have suitable goal anchors available for sale separately.

The penalty area is the larger rectangle and needs to have a penalty mark at the specified position. The penalty arc is drawn with a 30-foot radius from this mark—on the other side of the penalty line.

Shop Field Marking Paint and Accessories at Fold-A-Goal
Once you're familiar with the soccer layout diagram, stock up on our marking field paint and field accessories like striping machines and measuring tape. Then you'll be ready to mark out the field of play.

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