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Pearl Whistle Fox 40
    Pearl Whistle Fox 40
    Purchase Pearl Whistle Fox 40
    • SKU: WPP
      Pearl Whistle Fox 40

    • $3.99


    Pearl Whistle Fox 40
    • Potent blast with a lower tone.
    • Perfect multi-purpose whistle!
    • Different tone is ideal for multi-field games!
    • Inspired by the world-famous Fox 40 Classic, the Fox 40 Pearl Pealess Whistle is a 2-chamber pealess whistle with a lower tone 90 decibel pitch. Ideal for those who don't need a loud piercing shriek, yet want a blast above man-made and environmental noise. Perfect choice for the elderly and children, or wherever the need for a different sounding whistle exists.
    • Design: 2-chamber pealess
    • Sound Power: 90 DB
    • Item # WPP- $3.99 Each 

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